About the Scholarship

The David Stewart Memorial Scholarship is a joint initiative of the NZ Educational Institute Te Riu Roa (NZEI) and the NZ Principals Federation (NZPF).

David Stewart’s widow has accepted being party to the purpose of the Scholarship and has given permission for David’s name to be used.

The scholarship of $20,000 will be awarded to a single applicant each year. Joint applications will not be accepted and the scholarship money will not be split between separate multiple applicants. NZEI and NZPF may decide how the successful study will be formally publicised by their organisations.

Selection Panel

The panel convened by the invitation of the NZEI and NZPF National Presidents, has full discretion to decide to whom the Scholarship will be awarded and has full discretion to decide whether or not the Scholarship will be awarded in any year.  The decision of the panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.  From time to time the NZEI and NZPF Presidents, will provide advice for the consideration of their National Executives on priorities for the Scholarship, the value of the Scholarship and its administration.

The NZEI and NZPF and Te Ariki Trust reserve the right to review from time to time the terms, conditions and operation of the David Stewart Memorial Scholarship.

NZEI, NZPF and Te ArIki Trust retain the right to refuse to publish a report and to claim back all or part of the Scholarship money forwarded to a successful applicant should the project not be completed, or not completed as set out in the proposal or the application form. NZEI and NZPF also retain the right to suspend a Scholarship and require repayment of the money should there be a breach of ethical requirements.

The purpose of the Scholarship is to provide educational leaders with the opportunity for research study that honours the work of Dr David Stewart.

Who can apply?
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