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Applications are open to members of NZPF or NZEI who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • have had at least 10 years of consecutive service in the education sector, employed in a New Zealand school or ECE centre or by the Ministry of Education, prior to the year of application
  • are currently employed in a permanent position
  • have been a full financial member of NZPF or NZEI for at least 5 consecutive years immediately prior to the year of application
  • have been active in professional associations, networks or groups relevant to the dissemination of their project
  • and preferably, have a post- graduate qualification in a field related to education.

If I am eligible, how do I apply?

  • To apply for the scholarship, applicants must:
  1. complete the forms provided (Sections A, B, C & D)
  2. send the completed forms electronically to
  3. remember to provide signatures where required.